Valentines at Red Mud : Start your Re<3olution !

12 Feb

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Valentines at Red Mud : Start your Re<3olution !

This Valentines, it’s Coffee Affair at Redmud.  We believe in celebrating Love as an experience with a perfect cup of Coffee. This affair will be valid in all our outlets on 14th Feb.

Copy of Valentine design

Let our servers know that you are celebrating Valentines with your loved ones to receive warm complimentary coffee.


For Valentines Couples, the secret word is “valentines couple”.  For Married Couples, present your wedding picture or your wedding ring, to claim two cups of warm coffee.

If you dare to bring an extra love affair with your beloved spouse (highly not recommended), we wish you all the best. We offer you three cups of coffee after verification and consent from your spouse. We firmly respect the sacred commitment of marriage. We also take no responsibility for consequence or any personal damage caused by it. We will have information on nearest hospitals around our outlet as well.

Coffee Affair also serves as an opportunity for singles and the shy ones to get conversation started. At least for the love of splendid coffee. You have no excuse to be “#singleforlife” this valentines. Whatever happens in Red Mud, will stay in Red Mud.

Happy Valentines people !

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