Employee Highlight: Prabin Nepal

16 Oct

Employee Highlight: Prabin Nepal

“It was a busy day. We were understaffed to handle the amount of orders we received” says the founder Aashish Adhikari, recalling the initial days of RedMud Coffee at Thapathali. “Prabin, had been making coffee all day, non-stop. Finally when we took a long breath after the day was almost done. We look at Prabin, and this boy starts to slowly look like he is about to pass out. I asked him to sit and gave him some sugar &  milk. Prabin was part of the busiest day in Redmud’s startup days” recalls Adhikari. Out of all the coffee drinks served in Red Mud till day, Prabin has prepared nearly 25% of them. From his persistent hard work, he has earned his role as a STAR Barista and Captain at our Jamsikhel outlet. He has been with RedMud since day one, since the first cup of coffee was brewed.

At the age of 16, he came to Kathmandu from Sindhupalchowk for his mother’s treatment, abandoning his +2 education. Prabin recalls that he was a bright student in his class. Bearing responsibility of his mother’s well-being, he started his first job as a helper-dishwasher. He made many blunders for which he had a price to pay. Prabin recalls that he was called worthless for being slow and making blunders. Instead of feeling upset from humiliation he used it to fuel his determination to become better.

When he joined RedmuPrabin-Blogd, he synced well with the startup energy. He was ready to take up any challenge thrown at him and he did it diligently. Slowly, he had the opportunity to master his barista skills as well. For him, its been a long journey to get his hands on the espresso machine and to become a proper barista. What he lacked from educational background, he groomed it through circumstance and hands on experiences. Eventually, he did complete his +2 diploma as well, after strong encouragement and pressure from the founder Aashish Adhikari.

There isn’t a particular task that Prabin holds dear to, he is an all-rounder. From making coffee to serving customers, any task that context demands, he delivers it. Along with his duties & service, he trains the workforce as well. Looking back, Prabin expresses his gratitude for the challenges and working experience in Redmud.

In current time, when youth perceives going abroad for work as the ultimate option, Prabin gives us hope that such notion is changing. His love for family and hard work proves that one has a lot to take away from the booming start-up energy of K-town. As Prabin learns new leadership skills at Redmud, he aims to re-build his house in Sindupalchowk which was devastated in 2015 Earthquake.

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