Employee Highlight: Manil Vhusal

16 Oct

Employee Highlight: Manil Vhusal

Back in June 2015, Red Mud Coffee collaborated with Young Thinkers Society to conduct a free Barista Training and Placement Program for some under privileged youth. We had 10 participant ranging from a lady entrepreneur who runs a homestay in Ghale Gaun , Lamjung to LGBT Community leaders. As a part of the selection, we also had to pick five deserving candidates through interview. Manil Vhusal was the first interviewee. Manil had never faced an interview he shared. He was visibly very nervous and new to this environment of talking and answering questions he shared.

Get to know Manil

Participants of the Barista Training in Nepal session

Manil Vhusal was born in Dhapakhel , Lalitpur and is currently 27 years of age. Manil aspires to someday be able to help Orphaned kids.
We think it is a great aspiration and we believe that Manil with some confidence and experience will make an impact in the future in the lives of the orphaned kids he wants to work for.
Manil also is one of the few Graduates in our team, he has a degree in Sociology and Rural Development from Tribhuwan University , Class of 2072.
Manil when asked what he feels his gain has been working in Red Mud coffee said, “RMC has given me the confidence to face the mass which I lacked before…I have learned the values of hospitality and hygiene in the business. I turned into barista in RMC that’s a lot for me.”


Coffee at the highest altitude

Barista in Nepal Manil Vushal

Manil joined RMC as a junior Barista back in September 2015 and since has blossomed into a team leader and was in charge of operation at our high altitude store in Manang VDC. This is how he shares his experience, “Working in Manang is a good lesson for me to know how it feels like to work away from home and family. For a scholar of a social science, it was a great opportunity to work in a different cultural and society.”


What we think

We think that Manil is up for a challenge. Manil is clear and confident in his communication. We have experienced that he has shown humility and is quick to even do a self-assessment and admit his weakness. This shows that he has a drive to be better and we hope that he will find that confidence here at Red Mud Coffee and use it into his future. From conversations that we have had with him we can tell that Manil has a heart to give back to people who have helped him get here, his family and people he cares for.

What next?

Coffee in Nepal Barista Training and more Redmud Coffee




We wish Manil a great career at Red Mud. Soon he will be leading the Red Mud Coffee Barista Academy Starting May 15, 2017.




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