Employee highlight: Bijay Shrestha

16 Oct

Employee highlight: Bijay Shrestha

When we decided to do a employee highlight Series through our blog , we wanted to showcase the talented people who have contributed significantly to the success and growth of Red Mud Coffee. And when we look into this pool of people who have stuck with us and grew personally and professionally, Bijay Shrestha definitely qualifies. Bijay joined Red Mud Coffee back in mid 2015 as an entry level Barista.

Get to know Bijay

Bijay is twenty seven years of age and was born in Kathmandu Nepal. Bijay has a bachelor’s degree in BHCM from Kantipur International College in 2015. Bijay is a hardworking individual and has a very pleasant personality. He is calm and collected and always has a smile on his face. He has a great reputation with guest and specially is dearly addressed as DADA by his junior colleagues. Bijay feels highly motivated when he receives compliments from guest on his coffee making skills and service.

Bijay shares with us that , the most memorable time for him at RedMud was when a foreign guest personally thanked him for the coffee and said she and she never had such good coffee in Kathmandu prior to this experience.

Bijay thanks Red Mud for giving him an opportunity to learn and hone his management skills and also polishing his abilities to solve problems by interacting with guests. He is currently the floor supervisor and shift leader at Red Mud Coffee Gairidhara.


What he loves doing

Bijay enjoys taking pictures and is interested in photography as well. He say his strongest features are his loyalty , honesty and hardworking nature and says his weakness lies in the fact that sometimes he is too friendly to his subordinates.

What next

We have seen Bijay blossom from a shy and quiet individual to a Vibrant team leader at Red Mud Coffee. Bijay we know is very connected to his family and is driven in the same regard to help and support his parents in the best way he can. We think sincerely that Bijay is a bright young man with a bright future ahead and will make us all proud in the days to come.

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