Creative Drink Post II

02 Dec

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Creative Drink Post II

Two words to describe the event – Sweet decadence. After the first 4 entries, I was convinced about “Sugar-High” being real. Tallying up the scores the results came very close. But there had to be top three winners.

Drink entires to bag in top scores with overall aesthetics and taste were

  1. Espresso Tonic – Manil Bhusal
  2. Bounty Hunter – Harka Maji
  3. Red Mud Baileys – Bijay Shrestha

Besides the top numbers, team chose 2 other entries for consolation spot with cash prize of Rs.2500 each.

  1. Sundae – Sunita Baidya
  2. Peanut Latte Freeze – Ujala Pariar

Red Mud Coffee will be including these drinks on the new Menu and contributing 10% of these drink sales to the respective winners.

IMG_0147 IMG_0137 IMG_0107 Drink Contest 2 Banner IMG_0135 Drink-Contest-Blog

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