Creative Drink Contest

24 Oct

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Creative Drink Contest

After 3 successful years of running 2 outlets, Red Mud Team saw the need to revamp their drinks menu. As the core members sat down on the drawing board, a creative thought emerged – Drink Competition. Instead of calling the shots, the team decided to pick a new menu in a rather engaging fashion. They say “you can delegate any task.” Indeed, this one’s a win-win task delegation with a big dose of fun in it.

On July 15th, Red Mud announced Drink-Competition for the In-House baristas. The incentive was more exciting. Top 3 contestants were to receive prize money of Rs.5000 and 10% cut on their drink sale, if featured in the menu. As the month rolled, submissions rolled in for the exciting competition.

Let’s take a look at some of these cool entries: –

  • Queen Martini – Elina Rai
  • Baileys Mocha – Prabin Nepal
  • Mango Smoothie – Sunita Baidya
  • RedMud Baileys – Bijay Shrestha
  • Strawberry Smoothie – Sunita Baidya
  • Latte Sweet heart – Prabin Nepal
  • Bounty Hunter – Harka Maji
  • Sundae – Sunita Baidya
  • Mocha Freeze – Ujjala Pariyar
  • Espresso Tonic – Manil Bhusal
  • Peanut Latte Freeze – Ujjala Pariyar

RMC Barista Drink Competition kicked off on August 15th with total of 11 entries. Each drink was scored based on their taste and presentation.  The Judge panel consisted of – Aashish Adhikari (Founder), Sheetal Bhandari (Admin Red Mud), Simon Mathijssen (Rockstart Impact), Willem Grimminck (One to Watch) and Prateek Pradhan.

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