Barista Training in Nepal

25 Oct

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Barista Training in Nepal

It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you our Barista Training Program, another step towards promoting coffee in Nepal. We have started this program with an intention to acquire great talent for our own team and for students, who want to either start their own coffee business, use our training and certification for job acquisition and for candidates passionate about learning the art of Making Coffee.


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We are a 5-year-old company with five Outlets in Nepal and have so far produced over 3 dozen highly skilled Baristas and some of them have been working for several years from our barista training program. What we offer to the trainees is a relevant practical experience of working in a highly charged coffee shop environment.


Our Course Details:


Our Barista Training Course Offers a hands on training based on real store experience gathering with focus on Espresso based drink making.


Things You Will Learn:

One of the highly skilled people listed below will conduct the Above Mentioned Training.


Know Your Trainers:

If Candidates want to continue with us as Interns to sharpen their Skills, we are willing to consider eligible candidates to work in one of our stores. Please Make a Written Request through your trainer to the Head Office.


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Let’s get making coffee!



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